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Witt Fence Company will always be the best choice to build your custom gate and gate operator. If you are looking to spruce up the exterior of your Riverview property, increase the privacy of your community, or to control traffic flow in & out of your parking garage, Witt Fence is here to help. There is no more unique and affordable place to shop for a custom-built gate as we have many models, makes, and awesome accessories available for any project.

As a Riverview gate installer, we know how critical it is to provide you with a reliable product that will serve as your main security solution. We completely agree that your gates should function correctly for years to come and always look great too. We will take the utmost care to follow through with those expectations no matter the size of the project and provide the best customer service around. Luckily, our products are always custom-built, so we offer a wide selection of designs, colors, and decorations that will match any color scheme and aesthetic that your property needs. You won’t find comprehensive solutions like ours anywhere else! From keyless entry systems to video surveillance and from chain link fence gates to iron house gates, Witt Fence Co can be your single point of contact for all things fencing and security.

We know that you cannot overstate how vital the protection of government/industrial facilities are, so we are pleased to offer state of the art card readers, CCTV & keypads, electric locks and more. As the #1 Riverview gate installer for over 25 years, our staff is extremely educated on installing reliable access control systems in large complexes so that everyone there can have their peace of mind.

We are the premier choice when it comes to selecting a Riverview gate installer because we will always work with our clients to design something beautiful for them, while always staying within their budget. Whether you need an intricate system of closed-circuit televisions for a large warehouse or just a simple office keypad, Witt Fence has got what you need.

The latest innovations in gate operator technology are something that we are passionate about, therefore we offer brand names like Apollo, DC Solutions, Doorking, Edko, Elite, and much more. One solution we offer is the “Swing Gate” which comes in 2 styles like a double or single swing for residential and commercial properties. Another fan favorite is the slide gate which comes in styles such as V-Track, Cantilever, “Secure Track” Cantilever, and roll gates. We also do barriers, which are gates that have a single arm extending across traffic which raises or lowers upon activation. Finally, we have the “Overhead” solution which is the best for any property that needs a high level of security because it is heavy duty and will have no issue protecting your fortress.

Our main goal as a Riverview gate installer is to do everything correctly the first time we visit your property for the installation. When you do business with us, you will always be given a written warranty that will ensure your system is working properly today and always. If you are eager to learn more about us as a Riverview gate installer or about other fencing products we provide, call us up and we would be happy to chat with you.

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