Vinyl Vs Wood Fence

Vinyl Vs Wood Fence

Some of our customers have asked us “What’s the difference between a vinyl vs wood fence?”. There are many differences between these two types of fences, each with their own pros and cons.

Wood fences will always look their best the day they are installed. From that point forward they start to age. It is the natural process that results from when a tree is cut down. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for wood fence owners. When it comes to stormy weather, wood fences have the edge over vinyl fences. Wood fences generally hold up better in storms than vinyl fences because they are able to bend with the high winds more than vinyl. A wood fence also tends to bend more in the ground as opposed to vinyl breaking once it reaches it’s maximum stress limit. As a wood fence ages it changes colors and texture. This is more aesthetically pleasing to some who would do not appreciate the sterile look of a vinyl fence.  Plan on replacing a wood fence anytime after 10 years depending upon local conditions.

Vinyl fences also have their own advantages. A vinyl fence generally lasts much longer than a wood fence. Vinyl fences only need to be replaced due to damage, or if you want to enlarge the property area of the fence.

Before you decide on which type of fence you want (vinyl vs wood fence), make sure you check with your HOA for a list of approved fences, if applicable.

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